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Essential Oil Wellness

At beautyHAVEN, aromatherapy is an integral part of our lives and business. This is apparent the moment you walk in the door. We diffuse the purest essential oils in order to benefit our health, mood and the air we breathe. We use only Améo Essential oils and we incorporate them in all of the services we provide, as they are in the products we use to perform our facials, peels, post-microdermabration treatments and HydroFacials. We also use them in our signature bH Waterfall Technique.

It is important to realize that these essential oils are not synthetic perfumes and/or fragrance, which a great majority of people can have a sensitivity to. Using and applying an essential oil to your skin is as simple as knowing your body and what allergies or sensitivities you may have, as there are no hidden chemicals or additives within pure, organic and medicinal essential oils. Join us for our workshops through out the year specifically on essential oils. They will change your life for the better.

We believe that essential oils are extremely important in improving, benefiting and maintaining our health, beauty and well-being.

  • bH Waterfall Technique   $99

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