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Eyebrow & Lash Bar


Are your eyebrows joining forces for facial domination?  We can divide and/or permanently separate them for a more peaceful co-existance.  

We love brows and lashes...

Our eyebrows are a substantial aspect of our overall facial structure, helping to create balance and convey emotions.  For those of us not blessed with the best brows, we have the means to correct and care for them, whether we use tint that will remain for several weeks, or color/wax that will last throughout the day.  We are also able to eliminate unwanted brow hair by laser, wax and/or plucking, in order to create the perfect shape.  And if you want the real - deal, microblading is the way to go.  Microblading is adding hair like strokes is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. The look is so natural, YOU WILL LOVE IT.

We have all dreamed of having long, luscious lashes.  At beautyHAVEN, we can help you make a statement with those lashes by either tinting, for a more dramatic look and provide you with our take-home, IMAGE Ageless Lashes treatment, which helps to grow fuller, longer lashes.  IMAGE Ageless Lashes is a great and safer alternative to medically prescribed products.  

  • Microblading $499 (FREE touch-up in 4 weeks, fill within 1st 6 months $99, 6 months to 1 year $199, 1-2 years $299)
  • Brow Shaping  $35
  • Lash Tinting   $45

Fun Fact

Keep your brows full and natural, not over tweezed, with a clean arch.  By rising and dipping slightly, brows completely alter the expression of your face, from stern to surprise to perfectly serene.  So integral are the eyebrows to convey emotions that hundreds of psychological studies have been devoted to them.  In addition to representing feelings, eyebrows frame the face and create clear boundaries for your eye makeup, which is why keeping them well groomed is so important.  The cleaner and more artfully shaped they are, the more open, uplifted and symmetrical your face looks.  In fact, many makeup artists believe that if your brows are in great shape, you need almost no makeup at all.

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