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Specials & Events

Spring Specials 2017


Microneedle Package 

$540 for 3 treatments - this includes 3 free microdermabrasion treatments - for a complete package.  This treatment stimulates your skin's natural ability to heal itself and in the process produce collagen and elastin.  Perfect for acne scars or other scaring, stretch marks, reduces pore size, decreases lines and wrinkles, evens out discoloration of the skin and rejuvenates.  The perfect package.


Laser Hair Removal Packages

$399/6 bikini & underarm treatments

$499/6 ext. bikini & underarm treatments

$599/6 brazilian & underarm treatments

There is no better time than now to start laser.  Summer will be here before you know it.


Zija Is Here -  Event

Here at Beauty Haven

Join the #NaturalHealthRevolution

This amazing opportunity is taking the world by storm - if you have ever wanted to take control of your own health and wealth and help others along the way.  This is an opportunity that could potentially change your life.  We are fortunate that it has ours and that is why we are sharing it here.  Our friend and Zija Triple Diamond, Jason Keltner will be here to share what this company has done for him and his young family.

RSVP - Monday, May 22nd at 6:30pm

Special guest speakers with personal product testimonials and an opportunity to experience these amazing products.


Essential Mixology Events

Essential Oil Classes

Have you ever wondered how to use essential oils?  Or maybe you have them and are unsure of exactly everything you use them for?  Or maybe you are an avid and educated user of essential oils but want to dive in a little deeper?  We have the classes for you.

Skinny Dipping with Améo, May 20th - 2:00pm

Learn how to create your own inches melting bath salts & body oil with Améo Slim & Tranquil essential oil set.

RSVP - 248-421-0445


Essential Mixology Basics, May 24th - 6:00pm

In this class you will learn the basics of essential oils, proper tools for everyday use and safety protocols.  This is a first class in a series of classes that will take you in depth in incorporating essential oils in your everyday life.

Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil

New Shipment is in!

The Benefits are AMAZING for your health: Metabolism, Brain Clarity, Heart Health, Boosts Immunity, sustains Blood Sugar, and your SKIN... WOW!

Wait until you try! There is NOTHING like these products.

Coconut Oil - Peppermint Oil Pulling - Whipped Body Butter - Facial Oil - Sugar Scrub - Lip Balm - Shampoo Bar & More...

All "cold-pressed" is not the same. Most coconuts are heated above 100 degrees before the oil is extracted and then cold-pressed. Skinny & Co. coconuts are hand pressed and NEVER heated over 90 degrees - this retains ALL the nutrients and keeps the alkalinity and high pH balance in ALL the products. Did you know that this is the ONLY coconut oil that is not acidic?  Only 1 to 5 ingredients in any given coconut product and ALL are edible.Wild-harvested - truly from TREE to JAR...

(248) 421-0445